Silver Marches

To Sundabar and Beyond
Fort Silversnow

1st of Elesias

The skies have cleared up to be less stormy, and the party begins its trek to Sundabar. The day is mostly uneventful, and they avoid making camp in a troll’s den.

2nd of Elesias

The party moves on from its campsite, but Jann notices that the group is being followed by a pair of trolls, probably ones who returned to their lair, and started following the groups tracks. The group manages to take them out after much difficulty.

The party decides to take the road to Newfort to stay the night, rather than press on and camp in the wild. When they arrive they let the innkeeper know about the trouble they stopped, and he thanks them for their efforts, offering them rooms at no charge.
They meet various citizens in Newfort, and recall that it is newly founded by many who have retired from Zhentarim ranks, so the group is cautious while in the town.

3rd of Elesias

They’re suspicious that there was a bounty up for the trolls they killed, but if so the innkeeper has taken it down and pocketed the money.
The party makes the final push from Newfort to Sundabar, and arrive about noon.
Jann and Meera go to visit Meera’s master, and Lyssa and Ferrod head into the city to see what they can discover about House Kemphor and House Uskar, since the various things they’ve heard from the noble’s messenger and Aliaga are rather conflicting.
That evening the group decides to return the plate to House Uskar, where they meet with (INSERT NAME) Uskar, and his bodyguard, Aliaga Loreweaver. He offers to induct Jann into the Harpers if he takes care of one more matter, now that he knows its a test.

4th of Elesias

Jannik’s company meet with Meera’s master today to discuss collecting on a favor he owes (INSERT NAME), to get transportation to Nesmé. He agrees, and is glad to get rid of that debt, but asks them to return the next day, so that he can prepare the correct spells to transport the group.

5th of Elesias

Early that morning the party is teleported to about a half day’s travel on the road outside Nesmé, and among the maps that Jannik requested he finds a letter of explanation from (INSERT NAME), with a crest of a local lord, for where Jannik may want to start looking to begin stabilizing the region.

Outside Nesmé the party must cross a river, and rather than pay exorbitantly fees to ferrymen, they cut down a tree and float it across the river. One of the ferrymen sling a stone at them once they’re across, and the Half-Orcs return fire with slings.

The party meets up with the Lord and he explains that many of the noble families in town have had scions go missing, him included. He offers 1000pp for the safe return of his son.

The party spends the rest of the evening investigating by talking to representatives from other noble families in Nesmé.

6th of Elesias

The party sets out south that morning to attempt to track down the scions. They manage to find a set of tracks to follow, and begin chasing down the missing youths.

7th of Elesias

8th of Elesias

Travel West

26th of Flamerule

It’s a particularly stormy day for the Deadsnows area, and a small group of wanderers come into town, and because adventurers are common as of late, due to the recent discovery of gold, these three are only slightly unusual.

The smallest of the trio is Lyssa Surefoot, a Halfling from Everlund, who claims to only reclaim goods from those who deserve to lose them.

The other two are both Half-Orcs. The first is Ferrod, he seems to be a comedian, perhaps an orator, and when performing, he wears a distinctive jester’s mask, the left side of it is is blue and crying, the right is red and laughing.

The last Half-Orc, Jannik Autumnleaf, seems to be the leader of the group. He’s obviously a strong fighter, with a two-handed axe, longbow, and chain shirt.

The trio heads to The Rose and Hammer, the only inn in the town. Lyssa sits down and quickly orders food, while Ferrod mingles with the others in the common room, looking to pick up places the group could travel to make some coin or fight monsters. Jann heads to the back rooms of the inn to meet with a magician staying in the area to study, Meera Snow, for similar reasons to Ferrod, or to find more about any orcs in the area he can hunt.

Meera supplies Jann with the information required, for a stipend, and a promise that she can travel with his group to study any old ruins or history they may find.

Between Ferrod and Meera, the party knows of a few different points of interest in the area:

  • There’s an elf asking around looking to hire some help.
    He seems to be a messenger from some noble family to the West (Meera).
    You recognize the messenger’s servant as part of House Uskar, though you can’t quite remember where the Uskar’s seat of power is (Ferrod).
  • There are some ruins to the south of the road to Sundabar, close to Newfort, which seem to be mostly deserted, but could bear significance. (Both)
  • There’s a place called Dead Orc Pass to the North-West. It’s nearest orc stronghold (that you know of). (Meera).
  • There are reports of flying monsters to the south harassing gold mining teams. They’re probably manticores, more than you can handle at the moment. (Both)

27th of Flamerule

Jannik and Ferrod go with the messenger’s servant across town to the Icespear House to meet with the messenger. He informs them that his house has been robbed by a half-elf, and he’s come this way to head hire some people to hunt down the thief, who has fled to Fort Silversnow, a set of ruins somewhere near Newfort (same as above). He promises them 200 gp per person should they return the silvery tablet that was stolen, has text etched in Celestial at the bottom. After some haggling by Ferrod, the messenger agrees to pay 200gp per person on the return of the plate, plus 50gp per person now so that they can out fit themselves for the trip. They will only get paid the remainder for returning the tablet. Selling the tablet elsewhere will earn them the enmity of House Uskar.

28th of Flamerule

It’s still storming, and Jannik’s company, now including Meera, begins to return to the West to hunt a thief.

The day passes rather uneventfully, but when camping that night, the group is attacked by a small group of Orcs, which almost kill Meera (who was on watch) within the first dozen seconds of fighting. The orcs are killed off once the others rise from sleep to save Meera, but its a close fight. The group finds some coins, armor, weaponry and a few doses of Verithar, on the Orcs bodies.

29th of Flamerule

The day’s travel passes uneventfully, at night Jannik sets up some trip-wire traps around the campsite, but nothing of note happens that night.

30th of Flamerule

The day’s travel is again uneventful, but at night Jannik’s tripwires trip up some members of a herd of deer who are running. After killing a few deer for provisions, Jannik and Ferrod realize that there’s probably something chasing these deer, so they get everyone, and what supplies they can, into the trees they’re camped under. A large bear finds its way to the camp, and departs after dragging away one of the fallen deer.


Around noon the party arrives at the dilapidated Fort Silversnow, which is infested with weaker undead. They fight off zombies which come out of various out-buildings in the ruined courtyard. These zombies have a nasty habit of exploding when dying. After stumbling across (and into) some fairly new bear-traps, Ferrod starts searching for magical equipment or traps, and he keeps detecting something magical in the trees outside the fallen in section of the wall, but can’t see anybody. He brings this to the attention of the party, and they begin searching the outside of the keep for whoever or whatever this is.

Outside they find a small campsite with an armed and armored half-elf in it. She has a breastplate and shield with a green oak leaf emblazoned on it. The group deduces that she is a follower of Silvanus. After introducing herself as Aliaga Loreweaver, she claims that she has come to exterminate the undead lairing here. A tense conversation follows, though no weapons are drawn. They believe that she may be the thief, and she claims that she’s no thief, the tablet was given to her by House Kemphor to help her fulfill her quest here (since it has a map of the fort on it), and House Uskar is simply trying to both frame her, and take the tablet for themselves. She agrees to put off any discussions about the tablet until after the ruins are cleared of its inhabitants.

During the discussion, a few things of note:

  • She seems to know of Jannik, and his parents.
  • Ferrod sees that she has enough magical equipment (Shield, Breastplate, Flail, Cloak, something else) to be a problem should it come to a fight.

The party clears out the two sub-basement floors of its undead, finding ghouls, a ghast, several skeletons, more zombies, and what appears to be a skeletal ogre.

While on the bottom floor, they find a series of buttons that may open a hidden door, and when they find and press all four a small vault is revealed. With a Skeletal Mage inside guarding it.

After some close calls, the group dispatches the skeleton and loot the vault finding and then identifying some magical boots (Daredevil Boots), a magical belt (Belt of Healing), and a magical copper and silver ring (Ring of Stolen Fortune).

While this is happening, Aliaga disappears, leaving behind a small sack with a rectangular object in it.

Upon opening it, the party finds the mithral tablet they’ve been hunting with both a map of Fort Silversnow, and an inscription on the bottom in Celestial.
Meera translates aloud:

“Jannik, you’ve passed your test. Go to House Uskar’s estate in Sundabar if you with to join us.
- The Harpers”

End of Session.
All party members gain 2650 experience points.


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