Half-Orc Bard


Ferrod was born into a human and orc druid commune in the forest. In the village there were many households, including his, that were single parent families, and as such the community was more of one large family. Life went this way for ten years. One day the village was attacked by squat men in steel armor. They brought fire and blade to the village and left it with death and ash. Ferrod’s own mother was slain before his eyes. Ferrod was then drug into the forest by one of the adults, who hid Ferrod just before being run down himself. Ferrod eventually wandered through the forest alone and scared before running into a strange old orc man he had never met before. The orc reassured Ferrod and told Ferrod that he was here to take him away from this place. The old man then told Ferrod to sleep and the world went black. The only thing Ferrod remembers is waking up briefly and seeing he was on a golden ship with golden sails flying across the night sky, then the world returned to darkness.

When Ferrod came to he was at an orphanage run by an old priest of Ilmater. While the old man meant well, the orphanage was not a kind place to an orc. Ferrod was constantly the target of the bullies, and quickly learned the world was far crueler than his village had learned it to be. Things finally came to a head when the head bully, a half-elf, stole a practice sword and was going to show everyone how to use it to “slay a beast”. Ferrod was in the wood lot when the torment began. He truly did try to get away, but something in him finally broke. He grabbed the splitting axe and buried it in the belly of the bully. At this all the kids started screaming and running away. The noise alerted the old priest and he was barely in time to save the bully. The other kids all claimed Ferrod stole the sword, and when the bully tried to take and return it Ferrod grew angry and attacked them. Ferrod was confined to a locked shed. While there he heard snatches of conversations about murder, jail, and the hangman’s noose. Ferrod had enough. He managed to break out of the shack and disappeared to another, larger town.

Thus at age thirteen Ferrod wound up working at a tavern run by a Halfling whore and her paramour that was more ramshackle brothel than wholesome inn doing menial work and chopping wood. It was here he learned of the stage and the many ways entertainment is found, both legal and illegal. As both his body and intellect grew so did his responsibilities and duties till he was handling the door and bouncing duties as well. Eventually another job offer came his way and he decided to take it. He felt a little bad leaving the place he had called home for three years. The Halfling, while not kind, had given him a roof over his head and some of the whores had been like older sisters to him, but he felt it was the right time to move on. The Halfling felt otherwise. A week after he had left the halfling and her men cornered Ferrod. The old matron said Ferrod belonged to her, she owned him, and he would come back to her one way or another. Ferrod was stunned when the people he had regarded as friends if not family then attacked him.

It was at this point that Ferrod had an epiphany. People weren’t evil, they didn’t choose to be nasty, dirty things; they simply were beasts. They knew no better. You do not ask why does the bear kill, nor why does the fish swim. The halfing woman, the elves who had tortured him so, and even the dwarves who had murdered his people were simple animals and to be respected as such. And it was as his hands crushed the throat of the Halfling woman and the light left her eyes that the realization of the meaning of his name came to him and he decided to seek out his true family if possible, leaving town and heading to larger cities.

Ferrod carries a jester’s mask for when he performs. The right sad is red and laughing while the left is blue and crying.


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