Silver Marches

To Sundabar and Beyond

Fort Silversnow

1st of Elesias

The skies have cleared up to be less stormy, and the party begins its trek to Sundabar. The day is mostly uneventful, and they avoid making camp in a troll’s den.

2nd of Elesias

The party moves on from its campsite, but Jann notices that the group is being followed by a pair of trolls, probably ones who returned to their lair, and started following the groups tracks. The group manages to take them out after much difficulty.

The party decides to take the road to Newfort to stay the night, rather than press on and camp in the wild. When they arrive they let the innkeeper know about the trouble they stopped, and he thanks them for their efforts, offering them rooms at no charge.
They meet various citizens in Newfort, and recall that it is newly founded by many who have retired from Zhentarim ranks, so the group is cautious while in the town.

3rd of Elesias

They’re suspicious that there was a bounty up for the trolls they killed, but if so the innkeeper has taken it down and pocketed the money.
The party makes the final push from Newfort to Sundabar, and arrive about noon.
Jann and Meera go to visit Meera’s master, and Lyssa and Ferrod head into the city to see what they can discover about House Kemphor and House Uskar, since the various things they’ve heard from the noble’s messenger and Aliaga are rather conflicting.
That evening the group decides to return the plate to House Uskar, where they meet with (INSERT NAME) Uskar, and his bodyguard, Aliaga Loreweaver. He offers to induct Jann into the Harpers if he takes care of one more matter, now that he knows its a test.

4th of Elesias

Jannik’s company meet with Meera’s master today to discuss collecting on a favor he owes (INSERT NAME), to get transportation to Nesmé. He agrees, and is glad to get rid of that debt, but asks them to return the next day, so that he can prepare the correct spells to transport the group.

5th of Elesias

Early that morning the party is teleported to about a half day’s travel on the road outside Nesmé, and among the maps that Jannik requested he finds a letter of explanation from (INSERT NAME), with a crest of a local lord, for where Jannik may want to start looking to begin stabilizing the region.

Outside Nesmé the party must cross a river, and rather than pay exorbitantly fees to ferrymen, they cut down a tree and float it across the river. One of the ferrymen sling a stone at them once they’re across, and the Half-Orcs return fire with slings.

The party meets up with the Lord and he explains that many of the noble families in town have had scions go missing, him included. He offers 1000pp for the safe return of his son.

The party spends the rest of the evening investigating by talking to representatives from other noble families in Nesmé.

6th of Elesias

The party sets out south that morning to attempt to track down the scions. They manage to find a set of tracks to follow, and begin chasing down the missing youths.

7th of Elesias

8th of Elesias



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